Bell School Board meets - lowers taxes, Pineville students can enroll, and possibly moving office

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Condensed from the Pineville Sun -

The Pineville Sun reports that during the regular monthly meeting of the Bell County School Board on Tuesday, August 18th board members discussed moving the central office and approved a lower tax rate. Jay Compton reports that the board voted 5-0 to go with the compensating rate for school taxes this year. Due to an increase in property values in the county that means the school’s rate will be lowered from 70.2 cents per $100 to 69.4 cents per $100 of assessed value. Also during this meeting the board voted unanimously to allow Pineville residents to enroll in Bell County Schools. On Monday the 17th the board held a special called meeting on the second floor of the Bell County Area Technology Center to allow the members a tour as they consider moving the central office from downtown Pineville.

Superintendent Tom Gambrel told the board that he has already contacted Frankfort to have the move approved. They will have to hire an architect to do a cost analysis and determine whether the school system can afford the move according to Gambrel. If the move is determined to be affordable, it would have to be included on the new district facility plan and approved by the Kentucky Department of Education. The architect could then start the design and bidding process. Superintendent Gambrel gave a time table of eight months to start working on the issue.

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