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Brief update from Judge Executive Brock on Bell County Detention Center closure order

From WRIL -

Judge Executive Albey Brock, after he, Jailer Gary Ferguson, and county attorney Neil Ward traveled to Frankfort to meet with Department of Corrections officials, has issued a brief statement in regard to the closure order put in place on Friday January 31, 2020. 

Judge Brock tells WRIL that he wants to "sincerely thank the folks in Frankfort and the Department of Corrections and the Beshear administration for taking the time to hear out our situation at the jail. We know that there was some information not communicated and the Department of Corrections is taking it under advisement, and should let us know something tomorrow." (Tuesday, February 4th)

As of right now this is all the judge executive will say until the KYDOC takes what they have been presented and makes a decision on either rescinding the closure order or keeping it in place. 

The deadline given by the KYDOC for the county to evacuate the jail of inmates was February 5, 2020 by 5pm.

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