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Claiborne County School Board Member arrested accused by a family member of abuse

From WRIL -

Shane Bunch - CCJ

On Monday evening January 9, 2023, Claiborne County School Board member 57-year-old Shane Bunch was arrested after an investigation into incidents involving his son.

Claiborne County Sheriff Bob Brooks tells WRIL that Sgt. Shawn Noah was approached by Shane, his wife, and son at 1615 North Broad Street in Tazewell.

The citation states that during the conversation, Bunch's son communicated that he felt he was being abused. The juvenile victim told the officer that prior to their meeting, Shane Bunch pushed him to the ground, picked him up, pulling him across the center console of a vehicle to the ground, picked him back up, and forced him against the truck.

At one point a video was produced by Bunch's son from August 22, 2022 showing Shane assaulting the juvenile by forcing him to the ground off of a bar stool striking him four times, once in the head and three times in the body. The video does not show the juvenile fighting back, but maintaining a defensive posture. He went on to tell the sergeant that this has happened several times in the past.

The citation further states that Bunch told the officer his actions "were not abuse, but the actions of a parent dealing with a son who was disrespectful." While there were no physical signs of the incident on the victim, the juvenile did say that bruising may show up later on his eye and chest.

After Sgt. Noah viewed the footage, he determined the acts were excessive and arrested Bunch, booking him into the Claiborne County Jail a short time after 8:00 pm.

Shane Bunch has been charged with domestic violence and (2) two counts of child abuse. he is set to be arraigned today (Tuesday January 10th) in general sessions court in front of Judge Estep.

Sheriff Brooks also tells WRIL that he fully supports the action and decision of his Deputy Sgt. Noah regarding this investigation.

We will be contacting the Claiborne County School Board for a comment on this situation. Shane Bunch represents the 1st District of the board, his term ends in August of 2024.

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