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Claiborne man rescued after rock climbing injury

From WRIL -

A short time before 7:30pm on Saturday night February 6, 2021 a multi-agency rescue was underway in the Forge Ridge Road area of Claiborne County.

Earlier in the evening a man went climbing, and in the process dislodged a large rock which struck him in the leg causing an injury that prevented him from leaving the area.

Initially responding to the scene was the North Claiborne Fire Department who asked for assistance from both TNT Fire and North Tazewell fire Departments, Claiborne EMS and Sheriff’s Department, and the TWRA.

Rescuers were able to get to the man, stabilize his injury, place him on a gurney and transport him to an awaiting Claiborne EMS ambulance. He has been taken to Claiborne Medical center for treatment of injuries.

Thank you to MJ for information related to this incident

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