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Clay County Detention Center jailer reports an outbreak of Covid

From Clay Co Detention Center Jailer Linda Smallwood -

Clay County Jailer Linda Smallwood

Clay County Detention Center reports a outbreak of Covid. Jailer Linda Smallwood made a post on her Facebook page on Wednesday the 28th stating that the facility has nine employees and sixty-seven inmates who are positive with Covid.

Smallwood went on to state: "With rising concerns about a new variant across the country, we are taking every precaution regardless of what strain is inside the jail.

However, despite taking all precautions, the virus has spread like wildfire. It is impossible to social distance in a jail. It is not certain how the virus got inside the facility. We have been following all CDC guidelines since the beginning of the pandemic. We are certainly taking all the precautions, we are quarantining individuals as they come into the detention facility.

We have mask requirements that are still in place and taking all sanitation precautions. Every inmate has a mask. Most of the inmates are having little or no symptoms, we are providing them meds to make them comfortable. It is interesting to know that 113 inmates have received the vaccine and 26 of those inmates are positive."

Jailer Smallwood asks that the public not call the jail as they are understaffed and doing the best they can. She ended by asking for prayers this virus will leave quickly and encourages everyone to get vaccinated to help reduce the spread of this virus.

Clay County has the highest incident rate in the state of 82.6 percent and was one of the first county's in Southeast Kentucky to return to red status.

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