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Corbin man arrested after burglary of Knox County Ky market

From The Knox County Ky Sheriff's Department -

Samuel Asbury - KCDC

Early Tuesday morning, March 31 Sheriff Mike Smith was notified by the owner of Dixon's Market, located on Moore Hill, in Knox County, that his store had been burglarized during overnight hours.

Deputies responded to the scene, viewing available video, identifying evidence and obtaining information on items stolen. A variety of items, including antiques of value were taken.

By 2:00 PM Tuesday, investigating deputy Sam Mullins obtained information that a male, staying on Hidden Valley Road had items that had been taken during the burglary.

Deputies Sam Mullins and Bobby Jones canvassed the area of Hidden Valley Road and determined the suspect, 23 year old Samuel Asbury of Corbin, was sleeping at the home of a local resident. After obtaining consent to enter the home deputies located items used to facilitate the burglary, as well as Asbury and items stolen during the burglary.

Asbury admitted to deputies that he had committed the burglary and items taken were recovered. He was subsequently taken into custody, then transported to and lodged in the Knox County Jail.

He was charged with Burglary 3rd Degree.

Assisting in the investigation and arrest

Sheriff Mike Smith

Deputy Sam Mullins (arresting officer)

Deputy Bobby Jones

Deputy Steve Owens

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