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Escaped Bell County inmate captured along with one other who helped hide him

Updated: Feb 20, 2019


Rocky Howerton - BCDC

Middlesboro Police Sgt. Barry Cowan, along with several officers on shift, has captured escapee Rocky Howerton.

Work release inmate Howerton has been on the run since he jumped from a county work truck in Middlesboro at the intersection of 25th street and Highway 441.

He had been incarcerated on a small sentence of about 30 days and had already been incarcerated for approximately two week when he escaped.

Cowan states in his citation that a short time before 5:30pm on Tuesday the 19th he received information that Howerton was at the home of 35 year old Brooklyn Clark on Haywood Road. As Sgt. Cowan pulled up at the residence Howerton ran out of the front door and Cowan chased him down after a long foot chase, taking him back into custody.

Howerton is once again lodged in the Bell County Detention Center charged with escape 2nd degree and fleeing or evading on foot - 2nd degree.

Brooklyn Clark - BCDC

Brooklyn Clark was also arrested and charged with escape 2nd degree facilitation.

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