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Former law enforcement officer awaiting extradition back to Kentucky to face charges

WRIL was made aware of an incident involving a former Bell County Sheriff's Deputy/Middlesboro Police Officer that took place on Saturday, February 29, 2020 which ended in Grainger County Tennessee after he was taken into custody. The incident involving a female victim began in Bell County.

While 33 year old David Michael Bradley is being held by the Grainger County Sheriff's Department in their jail for Kentucky authorities, any charges he is facing have NOT yet been served on him as he has not been extradited from Tennessee.

We do not have current access to the list of charges that he is facing, but we do know that the other individual in the incident has been taken care of by family and friends. Until we have more official information we cannot fully report on the matter and will not publish news coverage based on rumor.

As we understand the situation, the Kentucky State Police will be the agency transporting Bradley to a detention center or jail in the state.

David Michael Bradley has not been associated with either department for some time.

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04 mar 2020

Well if he done something that was again the law then he needs to be done just like we are as a convicts, that’s what’s wrong with the world today 98% of law enforcement let their job go to their head and think they are untouchable!!!He deserves what he gets, which that’s only my opinion and A lot of times they let that badge control them

Me gusta
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