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Harlan man arrested after allegedly assaulting girlfriend

From The Daily Enterprise -

Lyndon Sweatt - HCDC

A Harlan man was arrested on several charges, including assault, after allegedly attempting to throw his girlfriend from a two-story porch. 56 year old Lyndon Sweatt, was arrested by Harlan City Police Department officers on Sunday, July 15.

According to the citation, officer Mitch Alford stated he received a call that Sweatt was allegedly attacking a female subject identified as Latonya Vick. The caller said Vick was screaming for help while Sweatt was beating her with what appeared to be a belt, punching her and trying to push her off a porch that was two stories in the air. The caller also said Sweatt had ripped Vick’s clothes off.

On his way to the scene, Alford received a call from dispatch notifying him Sweatt left the residence in a red Pontiac. Alford had passed the vehicle and turned around to pursue Sweatt, as stated in the citation. Sweatt allegedly turned the car up a hill and went off the road, disabling the vehicle. Alford said Sweatt was unsteady on his feet and had a strong smell of alcohol.

Sweatt told the officer “he could not believe his lady done this to him.” Alford confirmed Sweatt was also charged with DUI and other traffic charges.

Alford talked with two witnesses who gave the same account of Sweatt’s behavior. Vick also told the officer that Sweatt attempted to throw her from the porch, and he was screaming that he was going to kill her. Vick had a large cut on her forearm and multiple marks on her back, Alford said in the citation.

Sweatt was charged with first-degree assault (domestic violence), first-degree wanton endangerment, operating on suspended/revoked operator’s license (DUI; second offense), failure of owner to maintain required insurance, no registration receipt, third-degree terroristic threatening and menacing.

Sweatt was lodged in the Harlan County Detention Center on a $2,500 full-cash bond.

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