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Kentucky State Police Offer Tips to Prevent Holiday Theft

From Kentucky State Police -

With the Thanksgiving holiday behind us, the Christmas season is in full swing. Whether you are a making a wish list or trying to check one off, Kentucky State Police want to help citizens avoid being targets of theft.

Online holiday shopping means packages are making their way to doorsteps and mailboxes each day. Unattended packages have become targets for thieves with many of these thefts occurring in broad daylight. Here are some tips to keep your purchases safe.

  • Know when your items will be delivered and collect them soon after

  • Ask friends or trusted neighbors to collect packages for you

  • Utilize a video doorbell to fend off would be thieves

  • Have packages delivered to an alternate location such as workplace or to a local retail store for pickup.

  • Never let packages sit out overnight

If you are doing your shopping in person, there are also ways to avoid being targeted by thieves.

  • Park in well-lit areas

  • Lock purchases in the trunk or keep them out of view from a car window

  • Have car keys ready when approaching your vehicle

  • Always lock your vehicle while unoccupied

The Kentucky State Police wish for everyone to have a safe and happy holiday. Utilizing one or more of these tips could ensure that all of your holiday purchases make their way under the tree.

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