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Klu Klux Klan flyers found across several southern states have now shown up in Pineville, Ky.

From The Pineville Police Department -

Pineville Police were contacted Saturday the 25th about flyers found in driveways and along the roadway by both children and adults Friday night November 24, 2023.

One eyewitness states someone in a Jeep was seen throwing the folded up flyers out of the vehicle on Kentucky and Tennessee Avenues around 8pm on Friday. The materials referenced the Trinity White Knights, with a drawing of someone in the KU Klux Klan outfit. The paper also told people to report crimes.

Police Chief Brandon Hollingsworth states that similar flyers put in mailboxes and thrown in driveways in other cities have turned out to be nothing more than recruiting tactics for the group. With that said, the police chief condemned the materials and says that if you have seen people putting out the flyers to call the police department at (606) 337-2345.

It is not known if someone with the KKK is actually responsible for this or if it is an individual doing this to cause trouble and/or panic in the community, but Chief Hollingsworth is investigating the incident.

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Nov 27, 2023

Of course it's members doing it. It's for recruiting only, and it doesn't matter who did it because it's not against the law. It's not just one person doing it. It happens in all states by different Klansman in different states. I do it, and lots others do it. Just be ready for your town because if your town has not seen any just give it time and you all will. Like I said it's for recruiting only. Matter of fact if you want to join a klan organization send a email to: or

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