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Knox County Ky schools put on lockdown after threats from outside Kentucky

From the Knox County Ky Sheriff's Department -

On Wenesday, March 1, 2023, at approximately 2:05 pm Knox 911 Dispatch received a call with the caller stating reporting he was armed and about to enter Central Elementary School. The school was quickly notified and went into Lock Down Mode.

Knox County Sheriff Mike Smith along with several Deputies, including School Resource Officers, immediately responded to the school and began searching the premises for a possible shooter.

Barbourville City Police Officers and KSP Troopers also responded and became involved in the clearing of the school. The school was cleared in a matter of minutes. It was determined that the call was a hoax and there was no shooter at the school.

Once the school was cleared, the children and staff were safe from the threat, an investigation was initiated to identify and arrest the caller. The telephone number was determined to have originated from a location outside the state of Kentucky. The investigation is continuing in an attempt to identify the caller.

Just to be safe, Knox Central High School also went to Lock Down Mode.

Sheriff Smith was pleased and complimentary with the rapid response of all police agencies involved as well as the cooperation between law enforcement and school officials.

The main goal of everyone involved is to protect the students keeping them from harm by creating a safe environment at all Knox County Schools.

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