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Knox County traffic stop leads to two arrests by Sheriff Smith

From The Mountain Advocate -

Two Knox Countians were arrested Saturday morning December 26, 2020 after a traffic stop conducted by Kentucky State Police.

At around 9:42 a.m. a 1998 Chevy truck was clocked going 71 miles per hour in a 55 mph zone. The driver, 30-year-old Jeremy Hubbard had no seat belt on and was observed with bloodshot eyes and constricted pupils. He was asked to step out of the vehicle and was unable to properly perform field sobriety tests.

When asked what he had taken, Hubbard stated he’d smoked marijuana and used meth. He was also asked if there was anything illegal in the car, to which he replied “no” and gave consent to search. The vehicle’s passenger, 23 year old Paige Witt was asked to step out during the search.

Under the passenger’s seat were black digital scales covered with a white residue stated to be methamphetamine. While asking who the scales belonged to, Knox County Sheriff Mike Smith approached the scene stating he’d witnessed Hubbard pass something to Witt. Witt then placed the item down the front of her pants. At first, she stated it was nothing before changing the story to a bottle of Ibuprophen.

Witt was asked to remove the item that turned out to be a bottle containing baggies of suspected meth weighing 9.85 grams.

Hubbard confirmed he handed the bottle to Witt because “I didn’t want to get in trouble.” He was then asked if all the drugs and paraphernalia were his, to which he replied “yes.” He was taken to Barbourville ARH where he was read implied consent. While traveling to the hospital, Hubbard apologized for lying and stated he used meth because he was jobless and sold it to pay his bills.

Hubbard and Witt were both arrested and taken to the Knox County Detention Center. Witt was charged with failure to wear seatbelts and tempering with physical evidence. She was released on an O.R. (own recognizance) bond later that night. Hubbard remains in custody on a $10,000 bond. He was charged with speeding, failure to wear seatbelts, driving under the influence, possession of drug paraphernalia, tampering with physical evidence, possession of a controlled substance first degree, careless driving, and trafficking in a controlled substance first degree. Both are due in court on December 29.

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