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Knox County woman accused of causing over $10,000 in damage to her ex-husband’s property

From The Mountain Advocate -

Tammy MacNevin - KCDC

A Knox County woman is accused of causing over $10,000 in estimated damage to her ex-husband’s property and violating a protective order.

Knox County Sheriff’s Deputies received a call last Thursday afternoon stating that Tammy MacNevin, 42, was at her ex-husband’s property in violation of an active protective order.

The caller stated that MacNevin was destroying property, including smashing windows in the victim’s truck, damaging a motorcycle, and destroying various other property. MacNevin’s arrest report states that the “total cost of the damage is over $10,000.”

Deputies Elijah Broughton and Mike Taylor responded to the incident. The arrest report states that MacNevin shoved a seven-year-old girl and struck a 14-year-old with a door causing a laceration. She also reportedly threatened another female subject at the property via text message. The report notes that the entire incident was captured on video.

MacNevin reportedly told deputies that she “wanted revenge” and that she caused all the damage and would not pay for it. She also stated she “would just go to jail.” She was lodged in the Knox County Detention Center soon after.

MacNevin is charged with first degree criminal mischief, a Class D felony that could land her in prison from one to five years. She is also charged with violating a Kentucky emergency protective order, two counts of fourth degree assault, and third-degree terroristic threatening.

She was released from custody on Saturday, July 10 on a $1,500 bond with home incarceration. MacNevin was arraigned on Monday and set for a preliminary hearing on July 20.

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