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KSP pursuit and search in Harlan County

From WRIL -

Most of the day Tuesday Kentucky State Police were in pursuit of, or searching for, a suspect that is now said to be in a stolen vehicle traveling at high rate of speed at times. Troopers have been attempting to apprehend a male wanted in connection to serious charges in Cawood.

The pursuit and search has gone from a mile or so from the Virginia line, then along 3001, and through Cranks, then back toward Harlan and along several roadways in between. Troopers have also been on foot at times in wooded areas looking for the suspect. Please be sure to always yield to any pursuit for your safety.

As soon as the KSP releases any information on the incidents of the day, we will publish them.

**We have hesitated posting any information on this due to how information was handled by the public a few months ago in regard to a Leslie County incident that while serious, had many false statements posted by people who had no idea what was actually going on. Those statements incited a panic at the time.

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