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Middlesboro Housing Authority Exec Director sets record straight on property removal and allegations

From WRIL -

On Monday November 19, 2019 WRIL began receiving emails and social media messages about an incident taking place on Housing Authority of Middlesboro properties.

The messages and a video that was posted purported that HUD representatives along with housing authority employees were visiting the properties for a regular inspection and that tenant’s belongings were being removed and destroyed for no reason.

In response to what Executive Director Randy Earle calls “misinformation and false accusations” he has released a statement to the press and tenants. This includes a reminder of the guidelines all tenants understand they must follow while living in one of the apartments.

Earle states that for a period of eight years he too lived in the Housing Authority and says he considers himself to be more sensitive to the resident’s privacy and peaceful enjoyment of their lives than those who are “spreading misinformation on social media.”

Earle continues with a list of numerous Public Housing Authority lease clauses that restrict or forbid certain items from being stored on PHA property, forbid modifications or alterations, forbid the accumulation/storage of any belongings or possessions if they are stored in such a manner that limits access to the apartment. This also includes items that are considered a health and safety violation by HUD or are fire safety violations by the state of Kentucky and also various types of behavior that affects other residents.

He states that every lease contains the clauses and every resident is aware of them.

Randy added the clauses that pertain to the incident.

Earle continued stating that despite social media reports, not everything that was hauled away was disposed of. He states some items were stored by the PHA at the request of the resident until other arrangements can be made. Still other items that were disposed of were done so at the request of the resident.

Earle asked in his release about his 20 years of managing the properties: “Have I ever attempted to victimize anyone? Have I been unfair or harsh toward anyone in these 20 years?”

He goes on to address the social media statements. He stated: “As for comparing this Housing Authority to the ‘Trump Administration’… I have no doubt the citizens of Middlesboro and the residents of the Housing Authority will instantly recognize the motives of a person who chooses to use such absurd and bizarre methods instead of carefully researching the facts. Ridiculous accusations are a rude and unfair way of handling disputes or for dealing with your fellow citizen, but unfortunately I think we’ll all agree it is common practice these days.”

Executive Director Earle concludes by reminding the tenants that he and his staff “stand ready to assist anyone who has questions or concerns with is or any other matter”. He encourages people to contact him or the staff if they need answers.

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