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Middlesboro Police lead pursuit into Tennessee and Virginia after driver refuses traffic stop

From WRIL -

Dylan Seiglar - previous arrest picture

Thursday night October 14, 2021, Middlesboro Police Officer Nick Capps was on routine patrol on Highway 441 around New Wilson Lane and observed 21-year-old Dylan Seiglar of Middlesboro and 19-year-old Dalton Jackson of Pineville traveling in a black vehicle.

Officer Capps knew Seiglar to have a suspended license and Jackson to have an outstanding felony warrant for a stolen vehicle charge. He turned on the vehicle and he attempted a traffic stop.

Officer Capps was then joined by Lt. Josh Burchett as Seiglar accelerated making his way southbound on Highway 25E into the Cumberland Gap Tunnel. At one point as he was driving, Seiglar struck a tow truck inside the tunnel.

Exiting the tunnel, Seiglar led officers off of Highway 25E onto the ramp into Virginia, then on to Highway 58. After the short pursuit came to an end at Wheeler Road near Ewing, Seiglar was taken into custody. Shortly afterward, Lee County Deputies and Park Rangers arrived on scene.

Seiglar is lodged in the Claiborne County Jail with pending charges in Kentucky.

Due to his warrant being non-extradition, Jackson was let go. If he were to come back into Kentucky, Jackson could be arrested.

Officer Nick Capps is in charge of this investigation.

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