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Middlesboro Sagebrush given eviction papers

From WRIL -

WRIL has learned of a local restaurant chain being given forcible eviction papers from the owners of the building in Middlesboro and the business has not left the premises yet.

A filing dated December 3rd in the Bell County Circuit Clerk’s Office states that Sagebrush of Kentucky LLC based in Mooresville, North Carolina is in arrears to the tune of $12,500 a month in rent for over 3 months for a subtotal of $37,500 plus $1875.00 in late fees which totals $39,375 plus attorney’s fees.

The detainer complaint states that on August 23rd of 2016 Sagebrush contracted to lease the 6,000 foot newly reconstructed and remodeled building they occupy at 910 North 12th street (Highway 25E) in Middlesboro. The lease stated that Sagebrush was to pay L & M Ventures (Terry Lee & the late Sam Mars) $12,500 per month and hadn’t done so for September, October, or November of 2019.

As of December 3, 2019 the rent had still not been paid nor any attempts made of partial payment. L & M Ventures gave Sagebrush written notice to vacate the premises on November 15, 2019 and the business failed to leave even continuing to stay open for customers “using equipment and fixtures owned by the plaintiff.”

The complaint also states that the Bell County Sheriff’s Department that the Defendant (Sagebrush) “now forcibly detained and now forcibly detains from Plaintiff (L & M) the above described property which the Defendant, tenant of the Plaintiff, now holds against the Plaintiff.”

We have reached out to Sagebrush spokesperson Christine Whitman in Mooresville, but have yet to hear back for a comment.

The matter now comes before Bell County District Court on Wednesday December 18, 2019 at 1:30pm.

The Sagebrush name has gone through many incarnations and a few bankruptcies over the years in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. The Middlesboro location is only one of two in the state of Kentucky, the other is in Corbin.

Here are images of the actual complaint filed in the Bell County Clerk's Office on December 3, 2019.

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