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Middlesboro woman charged with trafficking and organized crime in regard to jailed pawn shop owner

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

From WRIL -

Tonya R. Daniels - BCDC

Early Sunday morning August 25, 2019 just before 2:00am Middlesboro woman was booked into the Bell County Detention Center after being served three warrants by Officer Nick Capps taken out by Detective Joe Holder.

48 year old Tonya R. Daniels was charged with three counts of trafficking in controlled substance - 1st degree, 1st offense under 10 dosage units - drug unspecified.

Later that afternoon at approximately 2:36pm Middlesboro Officer Harvey Johnson served two pay or stay warrants on Daniels at the detention center charging her with a criminal complaint taken out by the Appalachia Narcotics Investigations for engaging in organized crime in connection to the activity of Middlesborough Pawn Shop owner 48 year old George Fisher who is also currently incarcerated.

The citation states that Daniels was an employee of George Fisher and in her capacity she managed, supervised, and/or directed the activities of a criminal syndicate. She is being held on a total cash bond for the warrants and syndicate charge of $25,418.50. No bond has been set on the trafficking charges.

Detectives charged business owner Fisher on Friday July 12, 2019 with promoting gambling first-degree, trafficking drugs first-degree and engaging in organized crime - criminal syndicate.

Fisher is said to have used his businesses as fronts for illegal gambling and narcotics trafficking. He allegedly set up and operated gambling devices, and worked with three or more people to promote or engage in these criminal activities.

Fisher was already in jail for two counts of attempted murder in regard to his estranged wife and another man on June 4, 2019.

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