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Missing Harlan County man



According to his family, Timothy Middleton, from Harlan, has been missing for six days. Making the family worry about what caused his disappearance.

"That's been six days ago, that is a long time to not hear from somebody," says Jenny Prophit, Middleton's daughter.

Middleton's two daughters say the last time anyone says they heard or seen him was around 3 a.m. on December 26th.

His daughter says she expected him back soon, when she realized he left his shoes and phone, but took a flashlight.

"I would have expected him to be home in a few hours. Maybe two or three, but, I woke up and he wasn't there," says Jessica Middleton, Timothy's daughter.

Jessica Middleton and Jenny Prophit say their dad is big on communication, and for him not to check in or log into his Facebook account is odd.

They say when they contacted his girlfriend in Lexington, whom he was planning to see, she had not heard from him. Making the girls realize something was certainly wrong, starting their search for answers.

"We have looked around the house. We have a garden area, we have looked around down there. There's a few empty houses we have looked in. And, we can't find anything that says he was there," says Jessica Middleton.

The sisters say even they checked jails and hospitals in the area, hoping their dad was there.

Middleton's daughters say they are staying optimistic, despite their lack of answers.

They say their father has drug issues, which makes them question if that could have played part in his sudden disappearance.

"Because of the circle that he was running with, it makes it harder to find him," says Prophit.

A missing persons case has been opened with the Harlan City Police.

If anyone has any information on Timothy Middleton's disappearance is asked to call the Harlan City Police Department.

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