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Missing Illinois fugitive found dead in Campbell County Tennessee

From the Campbell County Sheriff's Office -

On the evening of June 3, 2020, Campbell County Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched to the Cove Point community in reference to a missing employee reportedly completing contractor work on a home in the area.

Co-workers had limited information regarding the employee, stating it was his first day on the job. Identified only by the first name, Sonny, co-workers claimed the man had wandered away from the job site.

Initial reports were that he may have gone to cool off in the lake. After noticing his extended absence, co-workers searched the surrounding area and were unable to locate him, leading to the 911 call.

After arriving on the scene, deputies with the Sheriff’s Office searched the area and the Campbell County Rescue Squad used side scan sonar to search the lake area. After an extended search, the missing man was unable to be located and the process was initiated to file a missing persons report.

Chief Deputy Matt Wasson, was able to make contact with the girlfriend of the missing man, gather his personal information, and he was identified as Sonny D. Southall. While completing the missing persons report, Deputy Brian Osborne discovered Southall was entered as a fugitive, after escaping from federal custody in Illinois. Southall had a history of drug and weapons related charges.

Investigators and a trained cadaver K-9 returned to the area on the morning of June 04, 2020 and were still unable to locate or track the movements of Southall. However, later in the day a resident of the Cove Point community discovered the deceased Sonny Southall in an area that had been repeatedly searched the evening prior and that morning.

Investigators have requested an autopsy be completed. The investigation is open and ongoing and the cause of death is unknown at this time. No foul play is suspected at this time but due to his history, it is suspected drugs may have played a factor in his death.

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