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More charges for storage unit burglary suspect

From WRIL -

Proctor Jones - BCDC

A man recently charged with another for multiple storage unit thefts was read more charges yesterday while in custody.

33 year old Proctor Jones and 33 year old Mikel Ray Taylor were arrested on June 4th for their role in breaking into

storage units in Bell County, Claiborne County Tennessee, and Ewing Virginia. They were jailed for burglary and expected

to receive more charges.

According to the citation, on Monday June 24th, Pineville Officer Mike Smith - in conjunction with efforts from Barbourville Officer Josh Lawson - charged Jones with receiving stolen property over $500 but under $10,000 and theft by deception.

After Officer Lawson reached out to Pineville Police with his investigation into 16 storage buildings hit in Barbourville, it was discovered that 20 Case brand knives from one of

the units were taken to a local pawn shop and sold. The pawn shop confirmed the sale and returned the knives, valued at $3,000, to police.

Jones was set to be released to Claiborne authorities, but is now awaiting arraignment on the new charges.

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