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A paycheck hospital employees in Pineville were supposed to receive before Christmas was seven days late.

Now, for back-to-back paychecks, Southeast Kentucky Medical Center is unable to fund the payroll of their employees. Back in December, officials with the hospital said the issue came from a $200,000 error that involved payments from Medicare.

A CNA who began working at the hospital last year says she is now in financial stress because of the situation.

"This last Friday we were supposed to get paid and we've not been paid yet", said the employee who wishes to remain anonymous. "They don't know. I called human resources and they have no idea."

The nurse says he posted her frustrations on social media. Now, she says all of her shifts have been taken away.

"My name is on the schedule, but I don't have no days", said the employee. "She didn't put me in for no days. And she said that only full-time people are working right now. Well, there's part-time that are working too that's been there a month or two. And they're working and I'm not."

Hospital officials are not commenting on that matter but say securing funding to pay employees has been challenging.

"The issues that had happened back in December related to the change of ownership from the old owner to the new owners", said Kevin Couch, who is the Controller of Southeast Kentucky Medical Center. "We did get that issue resolved with CGS. We're still working with all of our payers to make sure that we're getting our funding."

Couch says payroll issues should be sorted out soon and funding should be available this week.

"We're working very hard to get these issues resolved so that we can be the very best that we can be and we can get these issues behind us", said Couch.

While Couch says he does not have an exact date when employees will be paid, he says it could be as early as mid-week.

On a side note: WRIL has learned that Grant White sent out another email to his employees Monday claiming that while they are not currently covered with insurance and haven't been since December first, a new program "will not be ready to launch" until February 1, 2019. White also stated in the email that the normal payroll deduction for insurance for the month of January will NOT be deducted.

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