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Parents of adopted juvenile charged with abuse and strangulation

From The Knox County Ky Sheriff's Department -

(Corbin, Ky.) At 9:16 pm on Thursday, January 14, 2021 Knox County Deputies received a call of an out of control juvenile at a residence on East Bryant Street in Corbin. Upon arrival, Deputies Elijah Broughton and Jesse Smith located the juvenile victim, the adopted son of 45-year-old Howard W. Smith of Corbin.

The juvenile stated that Smith has assaulted him several times with a belt on multiple areas of his body. Deputy Broughton states that the juvenile has several swollen red welts on his back face, arms, and legs as well as ligature marks around his neck. He also stated that his adopted mother 39-year-old Amanda Smith wrapped an extension cord around his neck and tried to pull him off the bed with it. He added that when the cord was around his neck it made it difficult to breathe.

The deputy then contacted Social Services and the juvenile was transported to Barbourville Regional Medical Center for medical treatment. He arrested the couple and lodged them in the Knox County Detention Center.

Amanda and Howard Smith have both been charged with Assault – 4th degree (child abuse). Amanda has additionally been charged with strangulation – 1st degree.

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