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Pineville Community Health Center resumed services by unknown for how long

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

From WRIL -

Without citing a reason for the change in direction from Wednesday's news, the Pineville Hospital has released a statement to WRIL that reads: "Pineville Community Health Center has resumed all services as of 3pm this afternoon (Thursday August 8, 2019)."

For how long and to what extent, we are waiting to see. We are reaching out to the facility for more information.


The Pineville Community Health Care Board contacted WRIL a short time after 4:30 today saying it would be closing the facility formerly known as the Pineville Community Hospital as of 7:00pm tonight

(Wednesday August 7, 2019).

This was due to the lack of funds to operate the facility and continue to pay employees. Emergency room doctors notified the board that due to non payment they would not be able to keep the Emergency room open which has triggered the closing.

At 5:35pm WRIL was given a statement by email from the hospital in regard to the issue after they spoke to the Office of Inspector General who let them know that in order to facilitate a closure they would have to follow certain protocols. The hospital states that:

"The Pineville Community Health Center will no longer be providing Emergency

Room services or other services after 7:00 p.m. on August 7, 2019."

As we reported earlier today, Cura Healthcare Inc won the highest bid in purchasing the hospital, but has until Friday August 16, 2019 to make payment in full.

With this stoppage of service, people in the area will have to travel to the closest hospitals which are Middlesboro ARH to the south or Barbourville ARH to the north.

We will have more on this shortly.

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