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Pineville vehicle fatality

From the Bell County Coroner's Office -

Press Release for 4/5/2019 US. Hwy. 25E Motor Vehicle Accident

On Friday, April 5, 2019, The Bell County Coroner’s Office was contacted with regard to a Motor Vehicle Accident that resulted in the death of someone on U.S. Hwy. 25E on the northern side of The Pineville city limits.

The male had been taken to Southeast Kentucky Medical Center. Upon arrival to the hospital, Bell County Deputy Coroner’s Andrew Harris and Don Horton pronounced the male operator of the vehicle deceased at approximately 9:30 AM.

After making contact with his legal next of kin on Friday morning, the coroner’s office can now release that Mr. James Hatfield, 33, was the male that was pronounced dead as the result of the accident.

The accident investigation and reconstruction is ongoing, with the Pineville Police Department heading the efforts. The Coroner’s investigation is pending autopsy results, which will take place at the State Medical Examiners Office in Frankfort Saturday.

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