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Tennessee man arrested with drugs at lake ramp

From The Bell County Sheriff's Department -

On Wednesday evening July 17, 2019, Bell County Deputy Edward Dray was dispatched to the dead-end/ramp area of Cannon Creek Lake Hill Road in Middlesboro, in response to suspicious personnel loitering or camping within the area.

Upon arrival, the deputy located a silver 2003 Ford Taurus with Tennessee plates that had two occupants, identified as 50-year-old Troy Elize Clawson Jr., and his father Troy Elize Clawson Sr. both of Roan Mountain, Tennessee.

Upon contact, Deputy Dray immediately detected a strong odor of alcoholic beverages coming from the motor vehicle and/or the men. The deputy saw several open containers of canned beer, strewn sporadically throughout the interior of the Taurus along with approximately a case and a half of unopened canned beer.

Deputy Dray informed the suspects of the nature of the complaint and requested identification. The investigation revealed both suspects to have invalid Tennessee operator's licenses and Mr. Clawson Jr. was found to be a wanted fugitive out of Tennessee, but with “no extradition.” Further investigation also revealed the motor vehicle did not have any proof of insurance.

Deputy Dray requested verbal consent to search the men and property, which they granted. Upon search of Mr. Clawson Jr., the deputy located - within his front right pant pocket - a burnt glass pipe containing a substance believed to be Methamphetamine. Mr. Clawson Jr. was arrested and read his right then freely stated recent use of Marijuana and Methamphetamine.

Troy Clawson Jr. was lodged in the Bell County Detention Center charged with possession of controlled substance - 1st Degree, 1st Offense (Methamphetamine), and buying/possessing drug paraphernalia.

Troy Clawson Sr. was not charged with any crime.

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