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Tractor trailer issues in Bell County

From the Frakes Volunteer Fire Department -

Fire Chief Jason Partin reports that at 4:12pm Friday November 29, 2019 one of the members of Frakes Volunteer Fire Department witnessed a Marten Transport tractor trailer wreck on KY Hwy 3485 (known as Fonde Mountain), approximately 1 mile from New Vine Church.

The unit on scene alerted dispatch, who then toned the rest of the department, along with KSP to his location. The Frakes unit checked on the driver and found that he had no injuries. Quality Towing was called to the scene and after trying to pull the tractor trailer from under the embankment, the operator had to call for another tow truck to assist.

After several attempts and several hours, the truck was pulled back onto the roadway and was able to be driven by driver. The driver was escorted by Frakes Volunteer Fire Department and Quality Towing back onto KY Hwy 190.

Just before making to KY Hwy 190, the driver once again, slid the truck just off the roadway and had to be pulled back onto the highway by Quality Towing.

During investigation by KSP Trooper Taylor Mills, it was discovered that the driver of the tractor trailer was led on KY Hwy 74 and then on KY Hwy 3485 by his GPS, as he was delivering to Smith Field in Middlesboro. The driver was not cited at the scene and Trooper Mills is in charge of the investigation.

All units were cleared at 11:58pm.

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