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Traffic stop on driver nets trafficking arrest for passenger in Middlesboro

From WRIL -

Benjamin Curtis Nichols - BCDC

Early Tuesday November 19, 2019, a short time after midnight, Middlesboro Officer Jeremiah Johnson was on patrol on Kim Lane and saw a black Volkswagen Jetta fail to stop at the stop sign and gave no signal when turning onto Bellwood Road. Officer Johnson initiated a traffic stop that finally ended near Hinks Heights at north 25th Street and Bellwood.

Upon contact with driver Kendra Sexton, the officer requested her license and insurance. Sexton stated she didn’t have insurance for the vehicle yet since she just bought it. While waiting for back up, Johnson observed two needles in the back pocket of the driver’s seat.

Consent to search the vehicle was requested and given by Sexton. A Terry frisk and consent to search the back left seat passenger, 20 year old Benjamin Nichols of Harrogate, revealed a foreign object in his groin area. Nichols admitted to Officer Johnson that he had “dope” in his pants pulling out a clear bag containing a rock-like substance believed to be Methamphetamine weighing approximately 59 grams.

After being read his rights, Nichols stated he was selling the Methamphetamine to make money and pay bills. He also admitting to being an addict and used Meth and was found to have $166 in mixed denominations. While there was nothing found on Sexton or her other two passengers, she was cited to court for the traffic violations.

Benjamin Curtis Nichols was arrested and lodge in the Bell County Detention Center charged with trafficking controlled substance -1st degree, 1st offense greater than 2 grams (Methamphetamine) and is being held on a $25,000 cash bond.

Assisting on scene was Officer Dakota Torstrick.

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