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Two women arrested for trafficking after a Middlesboro traffic stop

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

From WRIL -

Friday night January 22, 2021, Middlesboro Police Officer Ryan Collins made a traffic stop on a pick up truck at 31st Street and Winchester Avenue after the driver failed to signal twice and had an expired temporary tag.

Upon contact with the driver, 35-year-old Sunnie Brock of Corbin, officer Collins explained the reason for the stop and asked for consent to search the vehicle, which was given.

During the search, a yellow hand bag was found in the back seat of the truck which contained 2.5 grams of suspect Heroin. Also found in the vehicle was a set of scales. During a search incident to arrest of Sunnie Brock, Officer Collins found four Gabapentin pills and $370.00 cash in her pocket.

Also in the vehicle was passenger 39-year-old Rebecca Jones of Flat Lick, who was also arrested due to neither woman taking possession of the heroin.

Once at Middlesboro Police Headquarters, Officer Collins questioned Jones who then admitted she had a pill bottle in her possession stuffed into her pants that contained approximately 13 grams of Methamphetamine.

Both Brock and Jones were the lodged in the Bell County Detention Center.

Sunnie Brock was charged with (2) two counts of failure to or improper signal, no registration plates, failure to maintain insurance, trafficking controlled substance - 1st offense (Heroin), trafficking controlled substance - 1st degree, 1st offense (greater than 2 grams - Methamphetamine), possession of controlled substance - 3rd degree - (drug unspecified).

Rebecca Jones was charged with trafficking controlled substance - 1st offense (Heroin), and trafficking controlled substance - 1st degree, 1st offense (greater than 2 grams - Methamphetamine)

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