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A former Bell County Magistrate and recent Road Supervisor has been indicted on multiple charges

From WRIL - The Big One

Wade Hoskins

On Wednesday, May 24, 2023, the Bell County Grand Jury returned a true bill on 47-year-old Wade Hoskins of Pineville, Kentucky. The charges stem from a time between January 2, 2019, through December 14, 2022, after an investigation into criminal activity was referred to the Kentucky State Police by the county.

Hoskins has been indicted on four counts.

The first count involves Official Misconduct - 1st degree while he was serving in his official capacity. Hoskins is accused of misuse and theft of property belonging to the county including theft of recycling funds regarding that property.

Count two charges Hoskins with Abuse of Public Trust by obtaining $5,490.90 from members of the public through the sale of scrap metal and spending the money on personal items instead of forwarding the funds to the fiscal court as required. He also used property belonging to the fiscal court as his own according to the indictment.

The third count charges Hoskins with Theft by Unlawful Taking $1,000 or more, but less than $10,000 when he knowingly and unlawfully took fuel, gravel, county-owned property, and recycling funds.

The fourth count charges Hoskins with Theft by Deception over $1,000, but under $10,000 "by creating the false impression that he was working certain hours for his employer and claiming such hours" and getting paid in the amount of $4,345.70, when he was not actually working for the county during those hours.

His arraignment is set for July 17, 2023, in Bell County Court.

An indictment only establishes whether or not there is enough evidence to charge a suspect with a crime. If so, the suspect must then actually be tried and convicted by a judge or jury in a criminal trial.

Wade Hoskins was terminated by the county in December of 2022.

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