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Accidental acceleration leads to a vehicle impacting a Middlesboro business

From WRIL -

Picture courtesy of Julie Gregory

More on a story we brought you earlier - On Wednesday afternoon July 13, 2020 Middlesboro Police responded to an accident at Catos clothing store at the Middlesboro Crossing Shopping Center.

Once on scene Middlesboro Officers found a white Tahoe had accelerated and smash through one of the front doors and window of the business and was partly inside the structure.

Store Manager Julie Gregory tells us that the woman who was driving the vehicle pulled up on the handicapped ramp thinking she put it in park. She then reached back to get a drink and accidentally hit the gas because the vehicle was not actually in park.

The woman was uninjured, but at the same time the accident occurred there was a woman trying on shoes. When she heard the loud boom it scared her and she fell down injuring her elbow, leg and hip.

Julie also says that a short time after cleaning up the mess, the damaged entry way was boarded up. The store will be open again for business on Tuesday the 14th.

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