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Answer from KY Labor Board about Americore Health, LLC


WRIL sent a Freedom of Information Act Form to the Kentucky Labor Cabinet in regard to payroll issues at Americore Health run Southeastern Kentucky Medical Center. While we were denied access to the record, and that seems like bad news, they have acknowledged least an investigation is taking place.

CBS affiliate KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh, Pa. spoke with us over the weekend and we, along with the Lee Daily Register have been collaborating on a report about Americore and CEO Grant White as to the next steps the state and local governments can take to bring things back in order for the employees of the hospital's employees.

As of this report, Monday January 7th at 10:50am, neither Pineville nor Ellwood City employees have been paid for their last pay period. Ellwood City employees are now behind two paychecks.

Below is the response from the Kentucky Labor Cabinet in regard to our request.

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