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Bell County Jailer cracks down on state-wide contraband issues, in his jail

From Hannah Reynolds - WYMT

Bell County Jailer Gary Ferguson says jails across the state are constantly having to find new ways to be more vigilant on combating contraband getting into jails.

Ferguson says it is an on-going struggle that he can't give up on at any time.

"From cellphones, you know, to illegal drugs. Methamphetamine, I mean it's all types of pills. I would say we have confiscated 20 to 30 pounds of tobacco in the last four years," says Ferguson.

Ferguson says they find contraband or hearing of it trying to get in every day, but they have no more getting in than any other facility in the state. He says the reason he and his staff find contraband every day is because they look for it and stay on top of things, before they can get in.

"Monitoring contraband or phone calls, looking in the facility or around the facility at all times," says Ferguson. Thanks to help from local officials, the jail is also in the process of adding 120 new security systems.

"In order to help us combat the on-going problem that you know, that not only this county has. But, every county in the state and every facility in the United States," Ferguson adds.

With the additional new security in the lobby, Ferguson says they will also be cracking down on pursing charges on anybody trying to help sneak the contraband in.

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