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Bell County School Board votes to reject Pineville non-resident contract


At last night’s regular monthly Bell County School Board meeting there was a vote on the non-resident contract with Pineville.

While the contracts with Harlan, Corbin, and Middlesboro Independent Schools were approved, the Pineville Independent Schools proposed contract agreement was voted down by three members of the Bell board.

This now means that future locations of where (over 200) students will be attending school next year, is now uncertain. As we told you in a previous story, non-resident contracts are those in essence that allow parents to choose where their children go to school in a given district if they live in an area with multiple schools, namely county and independent systems.

The Pineville School Board now has the burden of appealing this vote to the education commissioner for settlement of the dispute. The commissioner then has thirty days to resolve the dispute and either board can appeal the commissioner's decision to the Kentucky Board of Education. The Kentucky Board of Education will then have sixty days to approve or amend the decision of the commissioner.

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David Short
David Short
Jan 16, 2019

I'm one that never says anything online or sticks my nose into anything online but I can't help but say something about the Pineville Independent School and Bell Co school contract. I'm currently on deployment with the National Guard to Baltimore for over a year. This will be my 4th deployment and 3rd since I've been married and away from my children. I just want to say that myself along with thousand of my brothers and sisters in arms serve and fight for the freedom of every person within the the United States and its territories and yet our school systems fight among themselves just because of money. It's usually not about our kids well being or education, they ju…

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