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Bell County Sheriff issues statement on 2A sanctuary county push

From WRIL -

The Bell County Sheriff's Department has issued a statement in regard to the passing of a resolution regarding the recent second amendment sanctuary county status that many Virginia counties have passed and are being considered by those in Kentucky.

The statement reads:

"There has been much talk about the “Second Amendment Sanctuary County” movement recently and some neighboring counties have passed a resolution while others are contemplating the issue.

While we know that the final decision on a resolution of this nature is in the hands of the fiscal court of any given county to vote on, The Bell County Sheriff’s Department will not infringe on anyone’s constitutional right regarding the Second Amendment.

As we understand the issue currently from Judge Executive Albey Brock, there will be a vote on the matter at the next Bell County Fiscal Court meeting scheduled for Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 11:00am."

According to, as of December 30, 2019 the are currently seven counties in Kentucky - Adair, Cumberland, Hancock, Harlan, Knott, Letcher, and Lewis - that have passed an ordinance or resolution, while others such as Marshall County that have discussed it in an open meeting.

Murray, Ky radio station WKMS reports that:

"The Marshall County Fiscal Court met Tuesday (December 17, 2010) to discuss what’s called a Second Amendment Sanctuary County ordinance, or SASO. The ordinance says that, if enacted, county officials cannot “knowingly and willingly, participate in any way in the enforcement of any Unlawful Act, as defined herein, regarding personal firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition.”

The proposed ordinance defines an unlawful act as any federal or state regulation or law that “restricts an individual’s constitutional right to keep and bear arms”, or any regulation or law that bans, registers or limits the “lawful use of firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition (other than a fully automatic firearm which is made unlawful by Federal law).”

Knox County Ky has an open petition started that is directed to their fiscal court members looking to gain support for the movement as well.

WRIL will be present on the 14th with our live coverage of the meeting on the second floor of the Bell County Courthouse.

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