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Bell County Sheriff's Department hires first female full-time deputy

From The Bell County Sheriff's Department -

Deputy Marti Messer

The Bell County Sheriff’s Department is proud to announce the addition of its’ first full-time female road deputy, Marti Messer. Deputy Messer was sworn in by The Honorable Judge Robert Costanzo on September 15, 2020. Sheriff Mitchell Williams says that Deputy Messer will play a vital role in the department and fill a role that he has been working to bring to fruition since he was elected.

Marti is a 2012 Bell County graduate, attended Southeast Community and Technical College and she will be attending the Department of Criminal Justice Training academy In March of 2021.

Deputy Messer being sworn in by Judge Costanzo

Deputy Messer says that she felt lead to be a part of the Sheriff’s Department because this is where her hometown is and it is her “dream job.” She also has a passion for helping others and knows many of the people in the area struggle with drugs. The deputy goes on to say that “who they are today, is not who they were yesterday.” She also wants to thank Sheriff Williams for the opportunity to help everyone to the best of her abilities and she is thankful for the chance to serve her community.

Deputy Messer will start on the road within the next week.

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