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Bell K-9 Deputy performs school search

From the Bell County Sheriff's Department

K-9 Deputy James Taulbee and K-9 Giro

As a part of the on-going effort to deter drug usage and possession in our schools, Friday afternoon January 4, 2019 the Bell County Sheriff's Department executed an unscheduled search utilizing K-9 Deputy James Taulbee and K-9 Giro at Bell County High School.

While the school was placed on a lockdown status, students and teachers were temporarily kept in their respective rooms and Deputy Taulbee used K-9 Giro to do a "search and sniff" for possible drugs that may have come into the school.

During the incident K-9 Officer Giro alerted on several lockers which may contain, or have contained, a controlled substance. The findings of Deputy Taulbee have been turned over to the school system and further searching is left up to the administration.

Sheriff Mitchell Williams will continue the fight against drugs in our area, especially in our schools, and this is a prime example of how that is being carried out.

**no students came in direct contact with K-9 officer Giro.

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