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Bicycle back pack bust

From The Lee County Sheriff's Department -

Lee County Sheriff Gary Parsons reports that Deputy Chad Rouse was on patrol in the Pennington Gap section of the County when he observed a suspicious person riding a bicycle and wearing a backpack. Rouse approached the person and found him to be 45 year old Marshall Dale Jones of 132 Nolan Avenue Pennington Gap.

Then Jones was confronted he fled into the Food City Shopping center parking lot. Parsons said that Rouse followed and observed Jones go into the weeds. When Rouse caught up to him he observed the backpack lying nearby. Deputy Rouse searched the pack and found 5 bags of methamphetamine totaling 22 grams. He also had a bag of marijuana, scales, empty bags and syringes.

According to Parsons other officers arrived to assist. When the officers searched Jones they found a .45 Caliber handgun in his waist band. Jones was arrested and charged with Possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine, possession of marijuana, possession of a firearm after being a convicted felon, possession of a fire arm while in possession of an illegal drug and obstruction of justice.

Parsons commended deputy Rouse and the officers who assisted him Deputy Lt. Todd Jones, and Pennington Gap Officers Traci Parker and Johnny Gwinn.

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