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From WRIL -

James Lumpkin - BCDC (from previous arrest)

This morning a short time before 11:00am Middlesboro Police responded to a call of a possible assault on Birch Lane the Polly Hollow area. First on scene was Lt David Buis who located the vehicle in question and he had three people detained.

During a warrant check via Middlesboro Dispatch, an active warrant was found on one of the three individuals, 19 year old James Lumpkin of Harrogate Tennessee, for wanton endangerment 1st degree – police officer.

Arriving a short time afterward, Officer Jeremiah Johnson handcuffed Lumpkin and while being placing in the back of the cruiser he fled the scene escaping custody. Lumpkin ran further down Polly Hollow into the woods, and is still at large.

Lumpkin is considered dangerous and this will be his second time this year alone facing wanton endangerment police officer charges and other charges are expected.

James Lumpkin is described as a 5’10”, 145 pound African American male with short hair, brown eyes, and slim build. If you seen him do not approach him, call your local 911 immediately or Middlesboro Police Department at 606-248-3636.

According to Officer Johnson, anyone caught harboring Lumpkin will be facing charges

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