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Campbell County schools principal charged with filing false report

From The LaFollette Press -

Krissy Cobb - CCSO

Krissy Lynn Cobb, principal at Wynn-Habersham Elementary in Campbell County Tennessee, was charged today (October 2, 2019) with possession of a handgun while under the influence, public intoxication, filing a false police report and littering related to an incident on Sept. 12, according to a press release from the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the sheriff’s office, deputies were called to the Duff Community in the area of High Knob Road on Sept. 12 in reference to an unresponsive female lying in the middle of a roadway with a handgun. When deputies arrived they met with bystanders who had retrieved the firearm from the female. Deputies made contact with the female who was identified as Krissy Lynn Cobb, still lying in the gravel roadway and who was found to be intoxicated.

Krissy Cobb stated to the deputies that her husband had forced her to smoke something, drink something and that he had also assaulted her.

She stated that he also was operating an ATV, armed with a handgun and was currently looking for her. She was transported to Jellico Medical Center, where investigators questioned her about the alleged assault.

At the hospital, while talking with investigators, Krissy Cobb again stated multiple times that her husband assaulted her by striking her in the head, forced her to drink something, made her smoke an unknown substance and held a gun to her head during the attack. She stated to investigators that she went to the rural area of the Duff Community prior to the attack to walk for health reasons and that she was in possession of a firearm. She was unable to give details of the assault to deputies or investigators and would only state that her husband had committed the assault.

Investigators spoke with Krissy Cobb’s husband, Randy Cobb, who was cooperative and gave a statement, the press release says.

Randy Cobb denied the incident and also provided a witness that corroborated his statement about his whereabouts during the time of the incident. A follow-up interview with Krissy Cobb was conducted after her release from the hospital. During the interview, she stated to investigators that it wasn’t her husband that had assaulted her.

The sheriff’s office says that Krissy Cobb gave multiple false statements to investigators and deputies during this investigation.

“During this investigation and after other interviews were conducted, it was found that the alleged assault could not have feasibly occurred,” the press release states.

Krissy Cobb also stated in her interview that she had consumed two alcoholic beverages on her walk the night of the alleged assault. Investigators processed Mrs. Cobb’s vehicle for evidence and recovered what is believed to be remnants of a schedule VI controlled substance. 

Krissy Lynn Cobb surrendered herself to Campbell County Sheriff’s deputies this afternoon.

She was booked into the Campbell County Jail and released on $5,000 bond.

Campbell County Director of Schools Jennifer Fields said that Cobb was placed on unpaid leave on Sept. 17 while the school system conducted an internal investigation.

“I investigated to see if there was anything that happened that would have affected her work,” Fields said.

She said the incident the sheriff’s office was investigating was not school-related.

“There was nothing to indicate anything that would affect her performance at school, whatsoever,” Fields said.

Cobb returned to work on Sept. 24.

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