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Campbell County Tn mayor requests local and state assistance

From Campbell County Tn Mayor E.L. Morton -

Campbell County Citizens,

I am in the process of requesting authorization from Governor Lee or our courts to implement policies and/or emergency measures with legal standing to effectively protect our county.

Our personal and business lives will be changed significantly over the next month to reach President Trump's April 30, 2020 goal of social distancing to beat this virus.

Traffic must reduce to minimum essential travel. I've seen the rush this weekend and it will not work, so I am asking for state support to reach out of town travelers and advise them to postpone travel and further actions if required.

I am implementing actions this week to get us to April 30th with a successful effort. I am requesting help from multiple local and state agencies to achieve the social distancing and help our business community access SBA funds as commercial activity slows.

I am asking for expanded action by state health officials to ensure our county has any required testing supplies, protective and medical equipment we may need. More to follow in coming days. Please continue social distancing, hand washing, shopping within your needs and eliminating group activities through April 30th. I ask for your continued diligence. We will prevail.

E.L. Morton

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