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Campbell County Tn Sheriff Goins issues statement regarding governor's stay at home order

From The Volunteer Times -

Sheriff Robbie Goins

Sheriff Goins Issues Statement Regarding Governor's Stay At Home Order

In response to Governor Lee’s stay at home order, the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office, is aiming to educate rather than punish people for noncompliance. However, those who willfully and knowingly violate this order may be issued a citation or arrested.

Sheriff Goins states” I want my deputies to help people understand the importance of obeying the stay at home order”. My intention is to educate people on how to keep themselves, their families and the community safe, especially those who may be vulnerable. I believe most citizens of Campbell County understand the severity of the situation and are doing what they can already.

When deputies encounter people not complying with the Governor’s order they will remind them of the restrictions that are in place when appropriate. But when an individual or business refuses to comply after being informed by a deputy of the restrictions, they are subject to a citation.

Campbell County sheriff’s Office warns it is imperative for the community to please refrain from calling 911 and overloading the emergency system with non-emergency calls. If you have a non-medical issue related to the stay at home order please call our non-emergency line at (423) 562-8095. Deputies are aware that being out for necessities and for essential business is allowed. But in the course of our regular patrols, if they witness people out in groups, we will remind them of the order to stay at home as well as social separation guidelines.

The Campbell County Sheriff’s Office will be conducting proactive patrols of neighborhoods to prevent an increase of property crimes. They will also be checking to make sure all non-essential businesses are compliance with the order as well.

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