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Car goes airborne after disregarding stop sign in Tazewell striking a guardrail, multiple injuries

From The Tennessee Highway Patrol via WNTT -

A report from the The Tennessee Highway Patrol is detailing an accident with injuries incident in Tazewell Saturday night November 26, 2022.

The preliminary report states there were at least four people injured in the accident at the intersection of Old Highway 25-E and Tom Ball Road. One of the injured was the driver of a Volkswagen, 23 year old Shawn Davis of Cumberland Gap. The injured passengers involved were identified as 18 year old Morgan Love of New Tazewell, 20 year old Hayley Holt of Tazewell and 19 year old Jacob Sproles of New Tazewell.

The report states that "Vehicle #1" - a Volkswagen - was traveling on Old Highway 25-E and failed to stop at the stop sign at the intersection with Tom Ball Road. The vehicle then traveled across Tom Ball Road, striking the guardrail, went airborne, and began to overturn. It came to an uncontrolled rest off of the roadway.

Those responding to the accident included the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Tazewell Police Department, Springdale Volunteer Fire Department and Claiborne County EMS. Medical aircraft flew some of the injured to a hospital.

Other emergency personnel may have also been involved with the effort.

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