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Claiborne County Mayor Joe Brooks not moving ahead with a mask mandate

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

From WRIL -

In the wake of rising numbers in the Tri-State for COVID-19 positive cases many local municipalities are considering mask mandates. One of those is Claiborne County government. Claiborne County as of this report had 53 positive cases with 18 of those recovered.

One of the biggest issues is whether or not local governments can make such mandates for their citizens. Claiborne County Mayor Joe Brooks in a facebook post address this issue and announced a decision.

Brooks posted: "Citizens, on Friday, July 3rd, Governor Lee issued Executive Order #54 An Order Providing Local Governments with Authority Concerning Face Coverings. On Monday morning (July 6, 2020) I was part of a meeting with County Mayors from our 16 county development district to discuss this latest executive order. During lunch I meet with all the local city mayors in Claiborne County to discuss the executive order and the earlier discussion had between the county mayors.

Later that afternoon another meeting with the county mayors was held and we all were in agreeance that neither of us had the authority to mandate what any of our citizens could or could not do. With that said, today (Tuesday July 7, 2020) I finished drafting a memorandum addressing the executive order and the use of face coverings here in Claiborne County.

I know that some of you are not going to be in favor of the stance. However, I and all the city mayors in Claiborne County feel it is the best stance that could be taken. We are a free society and as such should be able to make our own decisions and I do not believe it is the role of any government within a free society to dictate the actions of its citizens.

I would like to urge each of you to follow the recommended guidelines from the CDC to wear a mask when out in public."

The memorandum below is from Mayor Brooks.

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