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Claiborne County Sheriff's Deparment sued over death of an inmate

From WVLT -

Members of the Claiborne County Sheriff's office are facing a federal lawsuit that alleges they were responsible for the death of an inmate who died in custody. The lawsuit accuses deputies of using a taser on Jeffery Drinnon during his arrest which allegedly contributed to his death.

Drinnon admitted to using meth after authorities pulled him over for "driving suspiciously." The lawsuit says the sheriff's office should have known that tasers pose an increased risk of death to meth users, but they used it on Drinnon multiple times anyway, including after he was restrained.

The lawsuit says that Drinnon showed signs of methamphetamine toxicity, but was not taken to the hospital for treatment.

When Drinnon became abnormally drowsy, the lawsuit said he was left unsupervised in his cell at the Claiborne County Jail for at least eight hours to "sleep it off." Jail staff allegedly found Drinnon to have collapsed into the floor with labored breathing. He was taken to the hospital where he later died. The hospital listed the cause of death as a stroke brought on by "acute methamphetamine toxicity."

The lawsuit accused the sheriff's office of contributing to Drinnon's death by using a taser and failing to treat his medical conditions.

Named listed as defendants in the suit include:

- Claiborne County Sheriff Bob Brooks - Sergent Dwayne Napier - Deputy Adam Southern - Deputy Carl Mozingo - Deputy Jacob Crawford - Unknown medical professionals - Unknown jail officers - South Health Partners Inc.

The family of Jeffery Drinnon is demanding a trial by jury in the suit.

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