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Detonated pipe bomb found in Harlan County. Sheriff collects shrapnel and begins investigation

From Harlan County Sheriff Chris Brewer

On Tuesday, April 11, 2023 at around 12:30 pm the Harlan County Sheriff's Office was contacted about a possible pipe bomb on an ATV trail in the Kenvir community. The individual who discovered the device sent photographs to Sheriff Chris Brewer.

Sheriff Brewer then made contact with Harlan County Emergency Management Director David McGill who contacted the KSP Hazardous Device Unit while Deputies were en route to secure the scene. It was determined through the submitted photographs that the pipe bomb had already detonated and was safe to recover for investigation.

Sheriff Chris Brewer along with Deputies Bryan Napier, Jacob Rich CJ Reed and Constable Scotty Moore retrieved the remains of the device and collected discharged shrapnel. At this time this case remains under investigation by Deputy CJ Reed.

KRS 527.210 Use of a weapon of mass destruction 3rd degree is a class C felony. Sheriff Brewer believes this is an isolated event, but asks if you see anything suspicious to call the Sheriff's Office.

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