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Driver of U-Haul tries to pick up student at bus stop - HCSO investigating

From the Harlan County Sheriff's Office -

On the morning of Monday, January 9, 2023, a call came into the Harlan County Sheriff's Office in regard to an individual in a large U-Haul truck attempting to pick up a student who was waiting at a bus stop in the Dayhoit community.

The Sheriff's Office, led by Deputy Geary Ferguson, has located the vehicle in question and conducted an initial investigation, but we are still actively seeking the driver of the truck.

Sheriff Chris Brewer encourages residents of Harlan County to be alert to their surroundings and communicate to their children they should never to get into vehicles of individuals they don't know.

If you witnessed this incident please call the Sheriff's Office at 606-573-1313. You may also send a message to the Sheriff's Facebook page, which will be kept confidential.

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