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Former LaFollette man sentenced to 90 Years for offenses involving a juvenile

From The Volunteer Times

James Brian Chadwell

James Brian Chadwell, formerly of LaFollette, now of Lafayette, Indiana was sentenced today for his kidnapping, criminal confinement, child molestation and attempted murder of a 9-year-old girl who he lured into his home earlier this year.

Chadwell briefly became a person of interest in the unsolved Delphi murder case, which was only a few miles from Chadwell's Indiana residence and also involved young girls but authorities seemingly found no connection in the cases.

Chadwell was sentenced to 90 years, 20 of which came as a result of his repeat offender status. Upon sentencing Judge Steven Meyer told Chadwell ""Everyone is afraid what monster might be living next door, and it turns out to be you."

Chadwell will be eligible for parole in 2091, he would be 112 years old at the time, if he survives.

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