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Former LaFollette, Tennessee man facing serious charges in Indiana

From the Volunteer Times -

42 year old James Brian Chadwell II, of Lafayette, Indiana, formerly of LaFollette, Tennessee, is facing several charges for a heinous crime he allegedly committed last week. He is charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, child molestation and sexual assault of a 9-year old girl he allegedly lured into his home, then violently attacked.

After the girl was reported missing Chadwell told police she'd been at his home and left. Once police searched his home they found the girl locked in the basement, with her clothing removed.

After taking the girl to the hospital due to multiple injuries, the girl told police Chadwell choked her, hit her repeatedly as she fought back and that he sexually assaulted her.

The location is only 15 miles from Delphi, Indiana where two young girls were murdered in 2017. Police are now investigating Chadwell as a person of interest in that case.

Chadwell has a long criminal history after leaving LaFollette. He has multiple felony convictions for assaults, thefts and other charges and appears to have spent a long stretch between the years 2001 and 2016 in prison in South Dakota. He had multiple convictions upon moving to Indiana as well, such as receiving stolen property and a felon operating while intoxicated, along with resisting law enforcement. He most recently received a 90 day sentence after an October 2020 conviction for criminal trespass.

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